Golden goodies


How pretty and elegant are gold, copper and rose gold things! I was sorting through my stuff earlier today and came across a few beauty bits and bobs that I absolutely love, and they all happened to have a beautiful gold toned theme going. So, I thought it would be fun to talk you through them tonight!

#1  is my Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay😍 This little guy has been my absolute fave since I received it as a gift last Christmas and I will never get tired of it! Urban Decay never disappoint with their beautiful and high quality products, and the naked palettes are definitely what they are well known for.

The naked 3 palette is a gorgeous mixture of rose tinted mattes and shimmers which are perfect for day and night. It also comes with a handy double sided brush for application and blending. Not to mention the beautiful rose gold packaging. You probably already know tons about it as it’s been out quite a while now, so lets move on!

IMG_2641 IMG_2635

#2 on my golden goodies is the one and only Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighting Pen. Now that’s a mouthful! This amazing little pen banishes dark under eye circles and leaves you with such a beautiful natural glow. This is definitely my favourite product for a soft natural highlight, and again the packaging is such a pretty gold metallic finish. No doubt the quality is impeccable- this is YSL baby! So be prepared to splurge a little on this. (So worth it!)

IMG_2646 IMG_2648

#3 are Real Techniques brushes! Sam and Nic’s high quality and affordable brushes are amazing, and everyone’s been raving for them since they first came out so there’s no need for me to say much! I will say however that all of my makeup brushes are Real Techniques, and I can’t wait to try the new bold metals collection (which would be more aesthetically relevant and pleasing to this post hehehe). Anyway, here is my Retractable Bronzer Brush which is perfect for on the go and applies powder so so nicely. It has such a pretty and convenient copper packaging.
IMG_2652 IMG_2653

#4 is a shout for any rose gold and glitter lovers! Today in TK Maxx I picked up an OPI nail varnish for a bargain £3.99 in the shade ‘You Pink Too Much’. I see what you did there OPI! Anyway, this polish is a stunning rose gold glitter which would look gorgeous on a feature nail combined with China Glaze’s ‘Below Deck’ which I also happened to pick up. These nail polishes are so so pretty and high quality as you would expect from OPI and China Glaze, and I am so glad I picked them up.


That brings me to the end of this post! It was so fun gathering up these things, and I might think of doing a colour collective post again soon. I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite gold toned products, see you soon!

Sarah x

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Screaming for Scream Queens

Hey guys!

I’m in a very review-y mood at the moment so lets jump in! This post is going to be a review and extreme recommendation on a new TV series that I think every girl my age just has to watch. Scream Queens is a Fox television series based on a horror comedy, created by Ryan Murphy (some of you may know him as the creator of American Horror Story- another one of my favorite series). Two of my friends both recommended the show to me because them, both knowing my personality, knew I would love it. How right they were!

I won’t spoil anything, but this hilarious series might as well be Mean Girls and American Horror Story’s child. The show is based on a murder mystery in a university sorority house, and has an extremely talented cast. Anything with Emma Roberts is amazing, so do I even need to persuade you to watch it? She rocks the main character and along with the rest of the cast (such as Abigail Breslin and Lea Michele). I’m up to date at the moment on episode 5 and I seriously can’t get enough of it! Sadly it’s quite difficult to get hold of in the UK but its so worth finding when you do. These girls are definitely queens and they’re slaying at the moment, and I’ve never laughed so much at a TV series! Even my boyfriend was in tears of laughter at it, and that’s saying something because he never finds girly shows funny;)

That’s all for now!


Sarah x

7 things I hate about going to the hairdressers

Hi again,

My birthday is soon approaching, meaning it’s time to get my mane tamed and replenished. My roots are getting seriously bad now, and my ends are drier than the Sahara. I’m due a visit to the ol’ salon! If you didn’t guess, I don’t really go to the hairdressers much-  and I have a good few reasons why…

  1. An inch

One inch please. ONE. 2.54 centimetres and not a millimetre more! Why is it that hairdressers practically give you a bob when you ask for a two inch trim😫 How am I supposed to try and look like Kendall when my hair is more Kris?

2. The cape

Yes. The dreaded cape. You know that bin bag thing that restricts your limbs. It’s insanely uncomfortable!

leading to…

3. The cold drink

The dreaded cape has only gone and meant you can’t find your hands to grab that cuppa with. The British part of me feels too rude to not drink it, since you kindly offered to make it, however there seems to be no way I can drink it wearing this bin bag of horror. What I’ll normally end up doing is chugging down my cold tea at the end. Aren’t I polite? 😜

4. The neck crunching sink

Am I in a headlock? There is no reason this sink should have a head hole. And why isn’t there a TV on the ceiling I can watch?

leading to…

5. The wet back of the neck

Thanks sink with a hole. You’ve only gone and allowed my neck to get soaking wet, but because I’m British I’ll pretend to ignore the water trickling down my back.

6. The time

Girls with thick hair will understand. It takes yonks! To get my usual full head of highlights, wash, cut and blow dry will never be less than three hours. Hello butt pins and needles💤

leading to…

7. The mirror

After about an hour of sitting staring at yourself you start to get a little bit sick of your own reflection. Did I always have a red patch under my nose? And now I’m suddenly not sure if my eyes are blue or green. Or both. My eyebrows need doing, and my ‘no clumps’ mascara is looking a bit clumpy. Would it be rude to do a quick touch up?

So those are the 7 things I hate about going to the hairdressers, but it’s always rewarding coming out with a fresh tame mane, and totally worth the trouble.

Stay flawless!


Sarah x

How to spot a fake Mac lipstick

Hey!FullSizeRender (1)

I can’t be the only girl who’s heartbeat stops and pupils dilate when they step in to the Mac store. MAC!!!!! Wow, I love Mac. The quality, the feel, the look and the thrill of the brilliant makeup. I wish all of my makeup could be Mac. There’s just one problem. Mac isn’t as affordable as other brands. Even though you get what you pay for, it’s not practical for everybody (especially me) to be spending £15.50 on a lipstick… No matter how much I want that Kylie Jenner lip👌

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m a total lipstick hoarder and I just want to collect as many Mac lipsticks as I can, and can you blame me? I had purchased two lipsticks from the Mac store in Westfield Stratford but I was dying for another.So me being thrifty and all, I searched online to see if I could get another one at a cheaper price.

Just a piece of advice ladies (and gentlemen), if it sounds too good to be true.. It is! I had to find this out the hard way, but I’m writing this today to share my experience and prevent you guys from making the same mistake in the future. The ‘Mac’ lipstick I was buying for what I thought was a bargain at £7 turned out to be a fake, and today I’m going to tell you how to spot this!

Lets get cracking! First things first, these manufacturers are GOOD at making a copy. Look below. Just one of these lipsticks is fake.


From the outside they all appear the same size so they could fool anyone! The fake is on the left, however there is literally no difference on the outside so it is so hard to spot, boo. Surprisingly, the one that looks fake as the writing on the lid has rubbed off is actually real!


Taking off the lids we can see more of a difference. The most obvious difference is in the size of the lip product. The top of the pink lipstick is a lot smaller than the others as you might be able to tell, and it is narrower. Also, Mr Faker on the left has a more matte finish to the silver part of the packaging, whereas this space on the real lippies is shinier. The actual lipstick part on the left looks almost plastic. The product is shiny and looks waxy, contrasting to the matte look of my real lipsticks.


So there she is, the little devil! I ordered ‘Pink Nouveau’, a gorgeous blue toned pink. However I received this disappointing waxy fuschia and I knew it just wasn’t right. I got my money back as the seller had advertised it as genuine, so it’s all good in the hood. I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and found it informative. Please try not be silly like me and get ripped off. Just remember you get what you pay for, so it’s totally acceptable to spend that little bit extra to get a good quality product 🙂

Until next time!

Sarah x

(P.s, if you’re wondering, the real Mac lipsticks shown in this post are Media and Velvet Teddy)

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A warm welcome


Welcome to my snazzy new blog (Ooh, how exciting!) where I’ll be posting little bits and bobs as frequently as possible. I’m Sarah as you probably guessed, and this blog will contain tips, tricks and advice on fashion and beauty, as well as a bit of my lifestyle. Why you ask? I’ve always wanted to start a blog so I figured it’s about time now that I’m starting to think about the future. I’m just an eighteen year old girl who loves writing and wants to pursue a career in digital journalism, so I think it would be great to have my own little space. It would be great if you can relate to my posts and find them useful. I won’t bang on any longer, but thank you for popping in, See you soon!

Sarah x